More than 300 workers are working very hard to produce the finest furniture in the world


Shabana Furniture

Shabana factories cover 20,000 square meters equipped with production lines operate using the latest technologies in the furniture industry to ensure the highest quality and incorporated with manual skills and craftsmanship.

Since the foundation of Shabana furniture, we believe in the power of teamwork and its impact and its ability to make a difference, where we work as a family, and the same family since 1992 until now, this is what has made us undoubtedly the tremendous growth during those years.

+300 employees

More than 300 employees and workers are pleased to work together to manufacture the finest furniture.

+20.000 Square Meters

Our factories space that equipped with the latest equipment and technologies in the furniture industry.

+104 Years

Our historical legacy, which is more than a century in high-quality furniture industry.